Definitive HealthCheck
Just like your car, your computer needs to be checked that it runs properly.
At FixMyPC we offer a free health check over the counter; a technician will be able to advise You the best steps to take in getting your pc back to its normal fast running state.

Please contact us on 01234 27 3700 for more information.

Great service, good price
I recently took both my laptop and my mum's in to Fix My PC. I am extremely satisfied with the service, the cost of the work and the results they produced. After a failed update my Windows was corrupt making my laptop unusable with the possibility of losing all of my data. My mum managed to melt her keyboard after an insident with a hairdryer following a spillage! I had contact with 3 different members of staff, both over the phone and in the shop and every time I found excellent customer service, polite and very helpful. They were honest and realistic about what could be achieved. Both laptops are now in full working order with recovered data. I would very much recommend Fix My PC.
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